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Selling Promotional Products

Selling Promotional Products
Not only is selling promotional products lucrative, it is also incredibly freeing and fun!

“In the past, I’ve tried out some comparable business opportunities that had a lot to offer, but just required so much work to get started. Kaeser & Blair makes getting started selling promotional products so easy.”

– Will M.

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Start Selling Promotional Products And Earn Your Independence

Selling Promotional Products
Kaeser & Blair business owners explain how
selling promotional products changed their lives.

If you took a look around your house we’d bet you would see an abundance of promotional products. That’s because businesses of all sizes use promotional products or “swag” as a reliable advertising tactic. From t-shirts to magnets, the products offered are both diverse and effective. In fact, 72% of tradeshow attendees who receive a promotional product remember the name of the company, and most people keep their items more than one year. You can capitalize on these always-in-demand products by selling promotional products through Kaeser & Blair.

To get started with Kaeser & Blair, you first have to choose between two starter kits. Both are designed to make selling swag incredibly easy. The first kit is our Standard Business Owner Package, which for an $85 cost includes all of the essentials to begin your business selling swag. The second kit is our Premium Business Owner Package, which is a more comprehensive package to improve your success selling promotional products. This kit is $299. Regardless of which package you choose, if you get your starter kit and decide selling promotional products just isn’t for you, Kaeser & Blair will refund $85 of the package cost. So not only is selling promotional products with Kaeser & Blair easy, it’s also risk-free!

Through the Kaeser & Blair Promotional Products Business Owner Program, selling promotional products has never been easier. Take advantage of an industry that does over $21.5 billion in business each year by joining a company with a reliable reputation.

Start selling promotional products by requesting our Free Trial Launch Package today! Want to skip the trial and move straight to the Standard Business Owner Package? Order it here.

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