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Promotional Products Distributor

Promotional Products Distributor
Becoming a promotional products distributor was the best decision of my life. I am now my own boss and I finally love what I do!

“I hated my previous job, so I decided to give K&B a try – with low expectations. But I can honestly say that as a promotional products distributor, I have experienced success and satisfaction unlike anything I’ve known in the past. Kaeser & Blair changed my life! ”

– Daniel R.

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Experience ultimate job satisfaction as a promotional products distributor at Kaeser & Blair!

Promotional Products Distributor
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Their Experience As A Promotional Products Distributor

Job satisfaction as a Kaeser & Blair promotional products distributor is high. This is because Kaeser & Blair gives each promotional products distributor the power to be their own boss. That’s right. When you join Kaeser & Blair you are able to set your own schedule, determine where and how you do business, and ultimately earn as much as you want. You can finally have the sense of freedom that comes with a flexible schedule and the ability to work with the clients YOU choose. As a promotional products distributor you ultimately have the ability to determine your own success.

Another reason why job satisfaction is so high is because, as a Kaeser & Blair business owner, you have near unlimited earning potential. In fact, a promotional products distributor who works part-time can make up to $20,000 annually, and a full-time business owner can make as much as $185,000 annually. Additionally, our industry-leading profits are direct deposited into your account within 24 hours of receiving an order—the quickest payment method in the industry!

Industry-leading profits and flexibility aren’t the only reasons to become a promotional products distributor with Kaeser & Blair. Our business owners also experience industry-leading support. In fact, at Kaeser & Blair, we give you access to a skilled and knowledgeable team of service representatives to help with any questions or needs you might have. We make sure you are provided with tools for success, and help you jumpstart your own business as a promotional products distributor.

To get started as a Kaeser & Blair business owner you simply have to choose between two starter packages. Both of these packages equip you with the necessary tools to grow your successful business as promotional products distributor, but they differ in pricing. The Standard Business Owner Package is only $85 and includes all of the essentials to get your business started. The Premium Business Owner Package ($335) includes the Standard Business Owner Package, as well as added tools to increase your business’ success. If for some reason you decide you no longer want to pursue a career as a promotional products distributor then simply return the package within 30 days for a full refund. Becoming a Kaeser & Blair business owner truly is simple, inexpensive and risk-free.

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