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The following are two options you can choose to get started:


The starter kit to kick off your new business has the tools to help you be
successful. It includes the following:
  • Immediate access to our online training assets and information to help you
    get started
  • Best Buys Catalog
  • Numerous supplier and manufacturer catalogs with promotional products
    to sell
  • A large assortment of product samples
*Your $85 will be refunded when you make your first $1,500 in sales. If you decide
this opportunity is not for you, please return the starter kit within 30 days and your $85 will be refunded.


(Includes Standard Business Owner Package)

This is a more comprehensive package to help improve business success.
It includes the following:
  • Personalized website with your unique URL/web address hosted by
    Kaeser & Blair (to access demo of website go to www.greenepromos.com) - Personalized email address
  • 50 Best Buys catalogs
  • 1,000 custom business cards
  • 100 Javelina Tropical Pens with your custom printed message promoting
    your new promotional products business

Your personalized website features the best selling products from the Kaeser & Blair Catalog and a digital copy of the Best Buys Catalog. The website will include your company name, logo, and brand message on the “about us” page. You can include your photo and even create personalized banners for the header of the home page. It is extremely easy to set up and update; however, if you need help we will gladly assist you. It is not an ecommerce website, but over $10,000,000 million dollars in products are sold from the Best Buys Catalog every year. Personalized items ready in about 2 weeks.

** After the initial $299 investment there will be a yearly cost of $200 to host the website and receive your email address.

** The $85 portion of your Premium Business Owner Package will be refunded when you sell your first $1,500 in sales. If you decide this opportunity is not for you, you can return everything (including the catalogs, pens, owner package, and cards) within 30 days and your total Premium Owner Package cost of $299 will be refunded.

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Tools & Training for Success

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