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Find New Possibilities In Promotional Products Careers

By Kurt Kaeser on 2016-11-15 in News

Let’s face it—trying to find the right job can be tough. The other option could be starting your own business, but that can require a lot of risk. An option that some people don’t consider is looking into promotional products careers. At Kaeser & Blair, we are one of the best promotional products careers, because we offer the opportunity to start a business without any of the risk. We don’t charge you with any big franchise or upfront fees, and the $85 you spend on the Standard Business Owner Package is refunded after your first $1,500 in sales. We do this to create a job that works for you—not the other way around. Find out the other ways Kaeser & Blair’s promotional products careers are the best out there below.

Promotional Products Careers Have Great Customer Bases

In all promotional products careers you will sell a wide array of products from writing instruments to automotive accessories. Every company uses promotional products; so finding yourself in promotional products careers will give you the greatest potential to find customers. However, when you start in any of the promotional products careers its best to look at local non-profits or friends with their own businesses. These groups are always looking for people who sell promotional products.

Kaeser & Blair’s Promotional Products Careers Stand Out From Other Careers

Those with an entrepreneurial spirit should choose to partner with Kaeser & Blair when looking amongst other promotional products careers, because at Kaeser & Blair, we don’t ask you to sign any binding contracts. Kaeser & Blair’s promotional products careers allow you to run the business like your own. You can even set your own schedule. This makes our promotional products careers some of the most liberating career paths out there.

Kaeser & Blair’s Promotional Products Careers Have Great Earning Potential

At Kaeser & Blair, we don’t just have a reputation beyond compare. We also have generous earning potential of up to 65% of gross margins—one of the highest in the industry. Part-time Kaeser & Blair business owners make up to $20,000 annually, and full-time business owners make as much as $185,000. The lengths you can go with Kaeser & Blair’s promotional products careers are endless.

So what do you say? The promotional products industry did $21.5 billion in sales last year, and it’s only expected to grow. With an unmatched customer base, superb earning potential, and liberating business model, Kaeser & Blair is one of the best promotional products careers available. Be a part of the growth and find the new possibilities only we could provide. Request your free trial launch package today.

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