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Jobs for stay at home moms just got easier.

By Kurt Kaeser on 2016-09-27 in News

How is Kaeser & Blair one of the best jobs for stay at home moms?

We know moms have these little pockets of time when kids are at school, practice, or a play date. Moms can use these little pockets of time to generate an alternative revenue stream for their family with the Kaeser & Blair Promotional Products Business Owner Program. 

Kaeser & Blair provides mother’s the opportunity to own an independent promotional products business that is hassle free.

K&B makes jobs for stay at home moms possible by providing flexible work hours and great income potential. The promotional products industry generated $21.5 billion in sales in 2014 – a record high!  A part-time K&B business owner can earn up to $20,000 and a full-time business owner has the ability to earn up to $180,000.

How is that possible?

Virtually every business advertises with promotional products because it’s so effective. Most common uses are customers good will and retention, tradeshow giveaways, brand awareness, public relations, and new product introductions to name a few. The following are a few of the products you would be selling: shirts, writing instruments, drink ware, baseball caps, calendars, USB drives, desk accessories and more.

As an independent promotional products business owner you can schedule when you work -the flexibility is what makes K&B one of the best jobs for stay at home moms.

K&B provides everything you need to start making extra money at home. The Standard Business Owner Package is only $85, which includes an assortment of K&B’s best selling product samples, numerous supplier and manufacturer catalogs, and Best Buys Catalogs. Once you earn $1,5000 in sales, your $85 fee is reimbursed.

This is a job opportunity stay at home moms do not want to miss!

Kaeser & Blair makes jobs for stay at home moms easier by providing them the opportunity to spend time with their kids while earning an extra income.  Find out more and start earning today!

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