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Overcoming Common Arguments Faced when Selling Promotional Products

By Kurt Kaeser on 2016-04-12 in News

Selling promotional products can be an incredibly lucrative way to earn money today.  The industry is thriving, and is constantly in need of creative and motivated individuals to sell these products to companies that could benefit from them. Though the demand for these products and skilled people to sell them is omnipresent, there are some obstacles and arguments that a promotional products business owner is bound to encounter along the way. 

Whether you’re a seasoned professional or just getting started in the business, here are a few common arguments you will face from prospective clients when selling promotional products, and ways to overcome them. 

Argument 1: “Nobody uses promotional products anymore.”

When selling promotional products, clients often argue about the effectiveness of promotional products as marketing tools due to the rise of social media and digital platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.  Why buy promotional products when you can advertise and grow your brand in other ways?

One way to respond to such questions when selling promotional products is to emphasize that these products are still a very valid form of marketing, generating referrals and new clients regularly.  Contrary to what people believe, they do and will always have their unique place within a company’s marketing campaign.  When you face these arguments while selling promotional products, leverage useful items to pique your client’s interest—items that people seek on a daily basis, such as cell phone chargers.

Argument 2: “I’m not getting the best deal by going through a middleman.”

Many clients will leverage the emergence of e-commerce sites such as Amazon in support of this argument.  Oftentimes, they assume that because they deal with a person selling promotional products instead of dealing directly with the vendor, that they are not getting the best deal. 

The best way to counteract this argument is to highlight the benefits they get, especially when going through a business owner selling promotional products with Kaeser & Blair.  Kaeser & Blair business owners have access to graphics support, competitive pricing and are part of a reputable company within the industry, making it overall a better deal for the client than trying to go it alone.  

Argument 3: “The promotional product ROI just doesn't justify the cost.”

Many studies have been conducted about the overall effectiveness of promotional products in achieving business goals.  These studies consistently reveal that using promotional products as an integral part of a marketing campaign can be a great way to get new clients and increase professional referrals.

When selling promotional products, it is important to bring to a potential client’s attention some real-world examples.  If you can help them think back to a time when their purchasing decision was directly influenced by a promotional product of any kind, then you will prove your point.

Argument 4: “The product options are limited.”

Though many associate the term “promotional products” with t-shirts, pens or mugs, that is only the beginning of what different kind of promotional products are offered. When you get involved selling promotional products, you quickly realize just how diverse the product selection and offerings are.  Today, items such as Bluetooth speakers, flash drives and cell phone chargers are among the array of products available. There is an item for every industry and every unique business need.  It’s all a matter of being able to successfully demonstrate this to clients and knowing what products to leverage and when. 

As a promotional products business owner, you are bound to encounter these or similar arguments and obstacles.  The key is to be prepared for the most common, as outlined above.  If you can respond swiftly and provide examples of how promotional products can help them achieve their unique business goals, you will undoubtedly be successful.  

Interested in pursuing an exciting career selling promotional products?  Look no further than Kaeser & Blair. Kaeser & Blair offers industry-leading profits and bonuses, access to excellent educational resources and the benefits of partnering with a respected company that truly wants to see its business owners succeed. Learn more and get started in the exciting promotional products industry today!

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