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Phone Issues

By Kaeser on 2020-12-17 in News

Our phone provider is currently experiencing a service outage, and therefore our phone hardware is not working. However, your calls will still go to voicemail. Some of our staff just cannot answer. In the meantime we encourage use of email to communicate with the main office.  


We have been told we are a priority and they are working on the issue as fast as they can. 

Thanksgiving Holiday Hours

By Kaeser on 2020-11-23 in News

Kaeser & Blair will be closed this Thursday (11/26) and Friday (11/27) so that our staff by celebrate the Thanksgiving Holidays with their families. 

Sign Up for the 202 Sales Contest!

By Kaeser on 2020-11-17 in News

Don't forget to sign up for the 2020 sales contest....all you have to do is....submit orders to Kaeser & Blair. We will randomly choose an order from what is being submitted, and if it is one of yours, you will get a $200.00! So the more orders, you send in, the better your chances! 

But you HAVE to sign up! And in order to do that, you will to go to THIS LINK and register today! 

Discover 7 Habits for Easy, Successful, No-Pressure Prospecting!

By Kaeser on 2020-11-10 in News

Discover 7 Habits for Easy, Successful, No-Pressure Prospecting!

You are invited to an Interactive Remote Learning Workshop November 17 1:30 to 2:30 PM Eastern

If you are: 

  • Wondering what to do next to re-build your business
  • Stressed out about virtual prospecting and selling
  • Concerned about new business umbers and feeding your funnel
  • Worried about waiting out the pandemic

We will have a candid discussion on attitudes, behaviors and techniques that you can immediately implement to create new business opportunities.

Register today and receive the free e-book. Why Salespeople Fail.

Sign up today. https://www.stevecashdollar.sandler.com/No_Pressure_Prospecting

Site Fixes & Updates

By Kaeser on 2020-11-06 in News

•  VIEW ORDER now displays more line item/product details

•  Replaced PRINT ORDER Button with VIEW ORDER Button on Order Submission page

•  Users can press VIEW ORDER to see their entire order before submitting, as well as print from that screen. 

•  Fixed an issue in which some totals were not calculating correctly. 

•  Changed Wording for Submit Order Dialog screen. 

•  Now says BACK TO DASHBOARD instead of CANCEL

•  Outgoing Emails and the Kaeser Logo

•  Fixed an issue where some mail clients were not displaying the Kaeser Logo in the correct size format

•  Approval emails are now going to customers.

•  Various other bug fixes. 


By Kaeser on 2020-11-03 in News

Whether you have BIDEN to your candidate or you think the other guy TRUMPs the competition...GET OUT THERE AND VOTE! 

Working Hard!

By Kurt Kaeser on 2020-11-02 in News

We are working hard on squishing the bugs you are sharing with us! If you come across any issues, or have some feedback, let us know at kbsupport@kaeser-blair.com 

Holiday Sales Contest

By Kaeser on 2020-11-02 in News

Hey! Did you hear about our Holiday Sales Contest! We are giving away $1000 to 5 lucky dealers! All you have to do is register AND submit orders*! How easy is that?  Just click on the link and register today for your chance to win! 

Register Here!

*Only Non-PPE orders are eligible.

Welcome to the Beta Update!

By Scott Baker on 2020-10-27 in News

The update is finally live and we are excited to share it with you. You can now submit your customer orders to Kaeser & Blair from the beta site. No more having to maintain two separate logins. In addition to Order Entry, how we process Credit Card payments for your customer’s pre pay orders has changed too! You don’t have to keep and store their credit card information anymore. When a customer wants to pre-pay by credit card, just submit the order and they will get an email pointing them to Pay Kaeser. It’s more secure, and couldn’t be easier.  And, you are reading another one of the updates. We have added a NEWS section so you can stay on top of important announcements and news from Kaeser & Blair.

Welcome to Kaeser Central! 

Waiting For Payment

By Kaeser on 2020-10-27 in News

 You may notice a new data point on the Orders In Process Pie Chart.  Waiting For Payment will now show you how many Pre-Pay orders are still waiting on payment from your customers. It’s a convenient way to stay up on what orders need payment in order to be submitted to the Factory. 

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