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How Your Business Works

Authorized Kaeser & Blair business owners are independent businesses that are owned and operated by you. You’re in control. You decide when to work , what work you do, and who you work with. Kaeser & Blair helps your independent business by providing Support Services, Vendor & Product Support Services, and Back Office Administration Services.

How the Dealership Program Works

Kaeser & Blair Provides Your Business

  • A Respected Reputation
  • Established Relationships with Thousands of Manufacturers
  • Preferential Pricing on Millions of Products
  • Product & Service Research
  • Dealer Support Personnel
  • Expertise, Training & Support Tools

Your Business Provides

  • Creative Ideas, Services & Products to Businesses
  • Determines Selling Prices & Profit
  • Accepts & Submits Orders

Kaeser & Blair Provides Support After the Sale

  • Processes Orders
  • Coordinates Orders & Pays Vendors
  • Issues Invoices & Handles Collections
  • Pays You Earnings Daily

Step 1: Submit Application & Receive Standard or Premium Business Owner Package

We will process your application right away and send you an email within 24 hours to help you get started and provide tips, suggestions, and access to the Kaeser University of educational courses. You will receive your complete business owner package via FedEx shortly.

Step 2: Develop Plan & Goals using K&B resource material and consulting with Dealer Support Executives.

Thoroughly review your standard or premium business owner package and online dealer assets and hold a stategy and planning session with your K&B Support Executive to establish a plan and set goals and objectives for your new business.

Step 3: Create Marketing Tools to support promotional product programs.

Prepare your marketing assets that will help you market your business to prospects and customers. These will help explain what your business does, what programs you support, and the capabilities of your business. You can create your own materials or start with the supplied Marketing Collaterals Kaeser & Blair provides.

Step 4: Market & Network

Market your business to family, friends, colleagues, acquaintances and potential prospects to let them know the services and products you provide. Make sure and use a strategic multi-channel approach to market your message. Everything you need to know for this can be found in your bussiness owner package.

Step 5: Set up meetings, appointments and sales calls.

The objective of all your marketing and networking activities is to set up meetings, appointments and sales calls with prospects and potential clients so that you can show them the value and benefit of the products and services you provide.

Repeat Steps 4 & 5 as necessary

Marketing, Networking and setting up meetings, appointments and sales calls is perpetual and constantly ongoing. These are two of the most important processes in running your business.

Step 6: Receive & Submit Orders

Always ask your prospects and clients for business. Once you receive an order, submit it promptly on Kaeser Central using your smartphone, tablet or computer.

Step 7: Earn Profit

Once a factory ready order has been received, you’ll earn a profit payment within 24-48 hours when set up for Direct Deposit and within 7-10 Days via USPS.

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