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Annual Convention

The Kaeser & Blair Convention Gala

Every year Kaeser & Blair hosts an our annual Kaeser Convention. This exciting multi-day event has often been called a “Family Reunion” because of the strong friendships and business owner bonds that have been forged over the years.

The Convention kicks off with a large trade show that’s exclusive to Kaeser & Blair business owners. With more than 200+ suppliers and vendors, it’s one of the largest private trade shows in the industry. It’s your opportunity to see emerging products, meet manufacturers and suppliers and trade success stories with others.

Business owners also have the opportunity to participate in our Education Day events which feature a variety of seminars, training sessions and keynote speeches by leading industry insiders.

Finally, in addition to the numerous social events, appreciation banquets and parties, the Kaeser Convention is our opportunity to shower our most successful business owners with praise, accolades, and cash bonuses at our Awards Gala. Last year we handed out more than $300K in cash prizes and bonus money. The Kaeser Convention is an event not to be missed!